Office Bearers

Committee meetings are held every month on the Tuesday night after the rally. All our members are encouraged to put themselves forward to be nominated as office bearers at the Annual General Meeting.

Our current office bearers and their contact details can be found below. If you would like to consider joining the committee, please talk to one of our current members about what’s involved and how you can get on board. You are also welcome to attend one of our meetings. As all PCAV roles are voluntary, any additional assistance our members can provide is greatly appreciated and helps the overall running of the club.

District Commissioner

Sinéad Hanlon
M: 0425 759 565
E: Email Sinead


Tony Brocksopp
M: 0412 355 235
E: Email Tony

Vice President

Andrea Barton
M: 0417 382 984
E: Email Andrea


Sally Gill
M: 0408 331 077
E: Email Sally


Teha Smart
M: 0412 217 190
E: Email Teha

Zone Rep

Helen Turner
M: 0409 534 098
E: Email Helen

Grounds & Maintenance

Tony Brocksopp
M: 0412 355 235
E: Email Tony

Duty Roster Coordinator

Julia Gibson
M: 0427 148 488
E: Email Julia

Grading Cards Secretary

Genevieve Brocksopp
M: 0413 442 287
E: Email Genevieve

Memberships Coordinator

Genevieve Brocksopp
M: 0413 442 287
E: Email Gen