August DC Report

Hi Members,


A very big welcome to our new members officially joining our club this month. We are very pleased to welcome the Darby family-Edward, Miranda and Alice, Chelsea Maher and Ava Sheffield.  We also have some guest riders joining our rally this month, which means there will be lots of new faces at the next couple of rallies, so please stop and say hello and welcome them aboard.

Out and About

Well once again YHPC has played host to almost 200 riders competing in the Victorian PCAV Interzone Team Horse Trials and once again, our Zone (North Metro) managed to bring home 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Grade 3 and in grade 4, Maddie Ballinger’s team also came in 1st place!  Despite these fantastic results, very close final scores (2 points) saw our Zone hand over the shield to North Eastern Zone.  This event was introduced to specifically provide a State level event for Grade 3 and Grade 4 riders and what a fantastic team event it was!

This year YHPC had 6 members competing in this event, with some fantastic results.  Two of our riders won their sections, (Brittany and Maddie) and all of our riders came home safely on our magnificent and challenging cross-country course. Congratulations to the following members who represented their club and zone at this event:

Grade 3                                                          Grade 4

Danielle Apted                                               Maddie Ballinger

Brittany Apted                                               Kristen Anderson

Edward Darby                                               Miranda Darby

There were some absolute stand out personal contributions made by members, and whilst it is difficult to start naming individuals, the Brocksopp family’s contribution to this event deserves special mention. Gen’s coordination of resources and hours devoted to planning this event, along with Tony’s dedication to ensuring our cross country course and grounds are amongst the best in the state, make it possible for our club to earn valuable income from this event.

It is from hosting events like these, that all of our members gain from the significant improvements and continual investments made to our grounds, such as the fantastic new show jumping surface that we look forward to jumping on this weekend.

Whilst there was a lot of time and input required from our members, we had a positive response to our calls for assistance and resources came from a large pool of contributors, making it a real team effort!

Important information for C Certificate candidates

A reminder that your theory/horsemanship session is conducted at the trotters yard area. Please ensure that you are on time.

If you have not yet completed your C Certificate and have not been placed in a C Cert group, please contact me ASAP. If you have been placed in a C Cert group, but are unable to attend, please let me know via text or email.

Membership Fees& Grading Cards

Thank you to those members that have paid their new membership fees. If you did not receive your new grading card at the July rally, please check your new card details at the August rally.  Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that all details are recorded correctly on your card.

Please remember that if you haven’t paid your fees, you cannot ride on Sunday, as you are not insured.



Lets all make an effort to attend our rallies in correct uniform.  An increasing number of riders are wearing incorrect or only partially correct uniforms.  Whilst we don’t require our riders to attend in formal uniform (shirt and tie) we do expect all riders to wear their YHPC polo top/rugby top/windcheater and light coloured jods (beige, white, fawn, banana).


Please remember that ALL riders are expected in the junior yard by 10.30am.

In addition to holding up classes, the late arrival of floats and trucks passing through at assembly time is hazardous to our riders.  We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occasionally cause members to be delayed, but persistentlate arrivals are unacceptable.

If you miss gear check, you must check in at the shed before presenting to your scheduled class.

Results – another reminder!

Have you officially posted your results online yet? Posting of results for the period December 2013 to April 2014 are now closed. You are welcome to list them on the website, but any results not posted within 90 days of the event, are not included in our end of year awards calculations.

 Ring to Ride Groups

A reminder to all riders in the Black, White and Grey groups that you are required to advise your preferences to me by 5.00pm on Friday-please make the effort to send a text or email, even if you are not attending, as it makes planning a whole lot easier.

Phone 0425 759 565.  Email:

Happy riding!