DC Report November 2014

Hi Members,

C Certificate candidates – Success!

A very big congratulations to our C Certificate candidates who successfully completed their final practical testing on Saturday 18c certth October. The group were obviously very well prepared for this certificate, so thanks again to their instructor, Kylie Parker and the riders also deserve a big pat on the back as the examiners were most impressed with our riders’ attitude and manners- lovely to hear

 Out and About

In addition to the C Certificate testing on the weekend, quite a few of our riders competed at the Oaklands horse trials on Sunday, and it was lovely to see a few familiar faces at the Lilydale Showjumping competition the week before.

We love to hear about our riders getting out and about, so if you have been somewhere and would like to let us know, please forward brief details or a photo to our website editor at:yhpcwebsiteeditor@gmail.com

Rebecca Press (below) riding “Leo” at the Oaklands Horse Trials. A successful day for Bec, with a 1st place in the Grade 4 Horse Trials

State Qualifiers Dressage & Showjumping-Entries please.

Attention all PCAV Grade 1, 2 & 3 dressage riders and PCAV Grade A, B & C show jumpers – the State qualifiers for both dressage and showjumping will be held on Sunday 30th November at Upper Yarra. Please let me know at the rally on Sunday if you are interested or email me by Friday 14th November, as all entries must be submitted via the DC.

To be considered for entry into this competition, riders over the age of 12 must have their C Certificate and must also be prepared to commit to competing at the PCAV State Championships at Wonthaggi in February next year.

Further information is available athttp://www.nmz.ponyclubvic.org.au

 November Rally- Competition ready!

With our horse trials fast approaching, the focus at this rally is on preparing for competition. Even if you are not competing at our horse trials, it is a good idea to learn the basics. This is your last chance to seek help before our horse trials, so if you are unsure of rules, gradings or procedures, please ask your instructor or come and see us at the desk before the rally commences.

Most riders will have the opportunity to practise their dressage test on Sunday, and have it assessed, so please take note of the rally plan and learn the dressage test applicable to your grade at our horse trials.


Please remember that if you wish to be graded, you must complete a “Grading Request” form, before the rally commences. These forms can be found on the desk next to the sign in sheets on rally day.

For new members or existing members with new horses, PCAV require that a new rider/horse combination must attend 2 rallies, before they can be officially graded for pony club events.

Robbie Allen – A fond farewell…

Robbie Allen has been a valued and highly respected instructor at our club for many years, but sadly (for us), this rally will be our last opportunity to soak up the enormous amount of knowledge and skill that Robbie has passed on to so many of our riders over the years. Whilst you won’t hear it from Robbie, he is an elite coach and rider, who has represented Australia in show jumpingand we have been very privileged to have Robbie as one of our longest serving instructors at YHPC. We greatly appreciate Robbie’s generosity in terms of the time and interest he has shown to so many of our past and present members.

We wish Robbie and Sarah all the best as they relocate to Queensland to be closer to their family and we really hope that when Robbie is back in town, that he may have time to visit us or maybe even instruct a lesson or two.

YHPC Horse Trials are almost here…

Is your entry in?

Places are filling fast and grade 5 PC is already full. Don’t despair, if your grade is full, there may still be places available in the open sections.

Can we help you?

So far, we have approximately 22 YHPC riders competing at this event, but don’t forget to come and see us if you are unsure about whether to compete at this event.

Can you help us?

Thank you to the many members who have already committed to helping at this event, it is much appreciated, however, we still have lots of duties to fill! Don’t forget that each family must commit to 2 duties, so if you have not yet had an opportunity to sign up, please volunteer asap.

Working Bees

If you have missed the flyer emailed to members already, we have 2 spring working bees scheduled before our horse trials competition. Please ensure that you can get to at least one of them!

  • Sunday 26th October from 10.30am (rally day).
  • Sunday 9th November from 9.00am

RSVP to Tony Brocksopp on 0412 355 235

Perpetual trophies – Time to hand them over…

A call to all perpetual trophy holders toplease return them to the DC desk at the rally on Sunday as we need to prepare for our 2014 awards at the Christmas party in December.



Latecomers to our October rally created traffic havoc at assembly time. To avoid putting our riders at risk, please make an effort to arrive on time and for riders to be mounted and in the assembly yard by 10.30am.

If you miss gear check, please remember to check in at the shed before presenting to your scheduled class.


Results – another reminder!

Please remember that you must post your results online if you wish to be considered in our end of year awards. Posting of results for the period December 2013 to July 2014 are now closed. You are still welcome to list them on the website, but any results not posted within 90 days of the event, are not included in our end of year awards calculations.

Ring to Ride Groups

A reminder to all riders in the Black, White and Grey groups that you are required to advise your preferences to me by 5.00pm on Friday-please make the effort to send a text or email, even if you are not attending, as it makes planning a whole lot easier.

Phone 0425 759 565.  Email: sineads5@bigpond.net.au

Happy riding!