DC Report September 2014

Hi Members,


Once again we have some guest riders joining us at our September rally and we officially welcome on board Shae –Liarne Donoghue, who was a guest at our August rally.

 Out and About –The Games teams are back!

Hopefully, many of you have already read the recent news post on the website about the success of our games teams, but for those that haven’t, a summary is outlined below.

Congratulations to the following riders who participated in the Prince Philip Inter Zone Games Championships

“The Bats”

IMG_0623Rose Stephen

Edward (Eddie) Darby

Mimi Pender (from North Eastern PC)

Georgia Bissicks

“The Stingers”            

Ashey Davies

Jack Bissicks

Miranda Darby

Alice Darby

The club is very proud of these teams whose performance both on and off the arena was outstanding.The Bats” won 1st place in the Junior (Under 16) section and that was an amazing feat for a team that are only 12 & 13yo! “The Stingers” are our novice team and were wonderfully lead by Ashley Davies who organized, directed and encouraged her troops all day –no doubt this team will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future!

We have some fantastic shots of this wonderful day, compliments of Jasmine Gill who came along to support the teams and capture some of the action and atmosphere that was enjoyed by both riders and spectators.

IMG_0610Excitement is building at the prospect of the YHPC games teams returning to the force it was a few years ago! Preparations are already underway for the Zone Championships in April 2015 where we hope to get a shot at the State Titles, but it’s not too late to join the campaign. If you are keen, chat to our president Dennis Kerr asap – we need you!

Full games report available on the website under the “news” icon.

November Rally

The November YHPC rally will take place on Sunday 2nd November. Please note that the Whittlesea Show is also on this weekend and it is Melbourne Cup weekend. For these reasons, we will be requesting riders to RSVP and advise their attendance at this rally. Stay posted for further information.

Important information for C Certificate candidates

Our C certificate candidates have been working hard as they prepare for their October testing day by attending theory sessions outside of the rallies. A very big thank you to Kristen Anderson and her family who have welcomed the group into their home on Friday evenings.

Please remember that your theory/horsemanship session is conducted at the trotters yard area.

Grading Cards

A reminder that it is your responsibility to ensure that all details are recorded correctly on your card and please remember to bring your grading card with you to all PC competitions – if you do not have an up to date grading card, you are not allowed to compete in Pony Club events.



After our reminder in the August newsletter, there was a noticeable improvement in the presentation of riders in correct uniform. Thank you for making the effort and lets keep it up!


Please remember that ALL riders are expected in the junior yard by 10.30am.

In addition to holding up classes, the late arrival of floats and trucks passing through at assembly time is hazardous to our riders. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occasionally cause members to be delayed, but persistentlate arrivals are unacceptable.

If you miss gear check, you must check in at the shed before presenting to your scheduled class.

Results – another reminder!

Have you officially posted your results online yet? Posting of results for the period December 2013 to May 2014 are now closed. You are welcome to list them on the website, but any results not posted within 90 days of the event, are not included in our end of year awards calculations.

 Ring to Ride Groups

A reminder to all riders in the Black, White and Grey groups that you are required to advise your preferences to me by 5.00pm on Friday-please make the effort to send a text or email, even if you are not attending, as it makes planning a whole lot easier.

Phone 0425 759 565.  Email: sineads5@bigpond.net.au

Happy riding!