Feb DC report and important rally information


Welcome back to another fun year at pony club.  It was lovely to end the year on a really positive note by having a great day at our Christmas Rally and very social evening later on at the clubrooms.  Our junior riders starred on the day, braving the cross country challenge and awards and trophies were plentiful (please refer details below), but the bucking bull was definitely the hit of the evening!  I’m not sure whether the kids enjoyed riding the bull or laughing at the many brave adults in the crowd who stepped up to the challenge! 

A very adventurous Santa Claus thrilled the crowd with his rodeo antics and for those brave enough to hang around late enough to pack up, a perfect finish to the evening was a surprise musical performance by the seriously talented Kerr family- Rosie, Charlotte and Dennis wowed us with their amazing fiddle, guitar and singing talents!

PCAV Certificates

All members are encouraged to complete PCAV Efficiency tests as they progress through pony club.  Whilst completion of these certificates is not compulsory, completion of the C certificate is required before you can participate in competitions at state level if you are at least 14 years old and have been at pony club for at least 2 years.

We will start a new C certificate group in the coming months, so if you have already achieved your D certificate and are at least 12 years of age, please email me at sineads5@bigpond.net.au if you are interested in joining this group. 

The C certificate is quite involved and the group will work towards achieving this certificate over 4- 6 months.  Further information will be provided to participants, but is also available on the PCAV website under the heading of “coaching and education/certificates and procedures”.

We will also conduct D and D* certificate groups as the need arises throughout the year.


Grading and Groups

Grading and grouping is not an exact science and often a rider’s ability can vary across the disciplines.  With this in mind, we work very hard to ensure that our riders are placed in groups that allow the group to operate at a similar level where everyone can learn, be challenged and enjoy the rally. Please remember that pony club rallies are not intended to provide the same level of instruction as a private lesson and sometimes a group lesson can flow tremendously, and sometimes they don’t! We ask parents and riders to remain positive and encouraging when someone is having a tough day.

For senior riders in the “Ring to ride” section, please choose your showjumping and x country sessions wisely.  If you wish to ride above your graded level, please seek approval from myself or Bec before the lesson and if you haven’t ridden for some time, please choose a session where you will be able to participate safely and will not delay the group unnecessarily.

A reminder that riders wishing to be re graded or graded for the first time, need to come and see us before the rally starts.


Horse Trials – Rule Changes for State Qualifiers and Interzones

For Grade 1 and 2 riders hoping to qualify for the State Horse Trials in 2014, please note that there have been changes to the qualification rules.  Qualifications gained in 2013 will stand for this years state event, but any qualifications gained in 2014 will now need to have the scores from the event noted on grading cards.

The new rules will be published in the 2014 Horse Trials Rules book due out in February, but the main change to note is that riders now need to complete one of their qualifying events with zero x country faults.

For Grade 3 and 4 Riders wishing to qualify for the Interzone Team Horse Trials, please note that there are now qualifying rules.  Riders must complete 2 PC Horse Trials events at their grade without incurring more than 60 penalties on the x country.

Competition Results

If you are out and about competing, we love to hear about it and your scores also contribute to the end of year awards.  Our new web site is super user friendly, so don’t forget to post your results online asap.  For results to be included in the end of year awards calculation, results must be posted online within 3 months of the competition.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us at our February rally, but please remember to take extra care of your pony in hot weather.  It is important for both riders and their horses to remain hydrated and as cool as possible in hot weather and if your horse has been turned out over the summer break, and is not as yet returned to full fitness, please participate cautiously.



Look forward to seeing you at the rally.















Don Currie Memorial Trophy

Brittany Salthouse

Marchesi Dressage Award

Abbey Turnbull

Dawn Hayden Showjumping Award

Ciara Hanlon

Peter Worrell Eventing Award

Brooke Searle

Grade 3 Dressage Award

Brittany Apted

Pam Ellis G3 Eventing Award

Kimberly Apted

C Grade Showjumping Award

Jessica Grant

The DVHRC Junior Achievement Award

Ellie Munnery

The Smith Family Showing Award

Brigitte Theuma

Derlwyn Joshua Gymkhana Award

Lauren Rossin

Ken Hubbard Most Improved

Ashley Davies

The Salthouse Games Award

Georgia Bissicks




Junior Eventing Award

Sheridan King

Junior Dressage Award

Kristen Anderson

Junior Showjumping Award

Jasmine Gill

DC’S Award (Junior)

Emily O’Brien

DC’S Award (Senior)

Kristen Press

Encouragement Award (Junior)

Stephanie Batchelor


Encouragement Award (Senior)

Rosie Brocksopp