Grounds Reopened!!

Great news!!!

We have just received notification from the Council that we can open the grounds at approx. 10 am Saturday 16th May, subject to the following COVID-19 requirements:

  • The motto they are using is get in, train and get out .
  • At this stage, sheds must remain closed.
  •  Toilets are not open to the public, so if you use the toilet, please ensure you lock it immediately after use.
  • There is a limit of 10 people on the sand arenas and 10 on cross country at any one time.
  • To comply with the Sports Vic requirements we have set up a compulsory booking system.
  • Please refer to the tab on the YHPC website home page called “grounds bookings”.
  •  Bookings are allowed in1.5 hour blocks .
  • The system is open to both YHPC and YARC and operates on a first in first served basis .
  • We do ask that you be respectful and limit your first bookings to 1 or 2 sessions  over the first weeks as many people will be eager to get back riding.
  •  You will receive a booking confirmation after each booking.
  • Please adhere to the same social distancing policies that are in place everywhere .
  • If you have the Covid-19 App it would be advisable to turn it on as you arrive …just another way to keep us all safe.

Enjoy your return to riding and we look forward to meeting again soon. Details of our next rally will be made available as soon we possibly can.