July DC Report

Hi Members,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the school holidays. I am actually writing this from a lovely sunny and warm destination, so I won’t be at our July rally, but I am leaving you in the very capable hands of Bec Cartwright, who has kindly offered to run the rally.


July is the start of a new year for pony club and this month we are very pleased to welcome our newest members on board! A very warm welcome to James Maher (brother of Chelsea), Susannah Papas (sister of Isabella) Shae Padgett, Sarah Young and Beth Houghton.


Sadly, July is also a time when we farewell some of our members as they move on to other interests and pursuits and we will miss seeing some very familiar faces around the club.

One such family is the Davies family, who have decided to have a break from pony club this year. Not only will we miss Ashley (and Lady), we will also miss Cassie, our super friendly Membership Secretary and Luke, always on hand to help out with maintenance. Cassie has been instrumental in helping the club to foster a friendly and welcoming environment and her enthusiastic approach will be missed by all, especially the committee, of which she was an important and hard working member.

Best of luck to those members not rejoining YHPC this year, we sincerely hope you stay in touch and come back to visit us.

Working With Children Check Compulsory

A reminder that from the 1st July 2015, Working with Children’s Checks (WWCC) are now required for Parents/Guardians and Carers.

All Parents/Guardians and Carers must be registered as Adult Supporting Members by the Club with the State Association at membership renewal time.

If you have not yet obtained your WWC, you need to apply before our rally on Sunday. Forms are available online via the link below:


 State Games Championships

Congratulations to the following riders who were selected to represent our club at the recent State Games Championships:

“The Bats”

Molly Henry

Cassie Zaccagnini

Eddie Darby

Rose Steven

Georgia Bissicks

Isabelle Savio Papas

Mimi Pender (Nth Eastern Pony Club)

The Bats were a committed team who worked hard and trained regularly to compete in this event. As with every Games event, a little bit of luck is always part of the success and in this regard, luck was not with the Bats on the day. Despite some very good performances, the Bats couldn’t take the State title, but still managed to come in a very impressive 7th out of 25!

A big thank you to the parents who supported them both on the day and at the many training sessions and a huge thank you to their super coach, Dennis Kerr, for the countless hours he has contributed to ensuring the ongoing success of Games at YHPC.

 Out and About

The State Interschool Equestrian Championships are currently being held at Werribee Equestrian centre this week. Again this year, quite a number of our riders are competing at this event, representing their schools. Best of luck to our riders at this event, we wish you success and hope you enjoy the experience.

 Certificate information

Congratulations to riders in the Green Group who have achieved their D Certificates. These certificates will be presented to riders at our August rally.

 YHPC Members Manual

For those of you that aren’t familiar with our Members Manual, an updated version is currently being prepared and will be distributed via email shortly. This manual has loads of information, covering everything from rally day to competitions to duties. It is a great source of information, particularly for those new to pony club.

New Rally Attendance Requirements

In line with PCAV recommendations, we have reviewed our rally attendance requirements and changed the minimum attendance required in order to obtain a rally attendance to 2 out of our 3 sessions at each rally. Riders on 2 horses, can still gain attendance for both horses, as long as they complete 2 sessions in total.

PCAV recommends that each club formulate their own attendance criteria that exceeds the minimum standard of 1 mounted session and we support their initiative to encourage maximum participation by club member

 Membership Fees and Return of Forms

Thank you to those members that have paid their new membership fees. Sally has been working very hard to ensure that we receive our new membership cards on time. Please don’t forget to return the forms that accompanied your membership invoice. If you have not yet returned them, please hand them in at the DC desk on Sunday.

Gen Brocksopp has very kindly volunteered to take on the role of Membership Secretary, so please direct all new membership/guest rally enquiries to Gen Brocksopp at: genbrocksopp@bigpond.com

 Please remember that if you haven’t paid your fees, you cannot ride on Sunday, as you are not insured.

 Ring to Ride Groups

A reminder to all riders in the Black, White and Grey groups that you are required to advise your preferences to me by 5.00pm on Friday-please make the effort to send a text or email, even if you are not attending, as it makes planning a whole lot easier.

Phone 0425 759 565.  Email: sineads5@bigpond.net.au

Happy riding!