May DC Report

Hi Members,

Firstly, a big thank you to Bec Cartwright for happily taking on the DC role at the April rally. From all accounts, a great time was had by all our riders and I enjoyed a trip overseas knowing that our rally was in very capable hands. Bec has very kindly agreed to run our May rally as well, as I will be busy cheering on our members competing at the State Horse Trials.

Good Luck!

This year we have 2 members representing us at the PCAV State Horse Trials. We wish Brittany Salthouse and Ciara Hanlon the best of luck as they prepare to compete at this event to be held in Riddells Creek this weekend. Both of these riders have worked hard to meet the new qualifying conditions for this event, which include completion of a cross country course with zero penalties. For Britt, who has very recently recovered from a broken collar bone, this was a very brave effort and a super comeback!

Out and About

“The Bats” are back – great to see the YHPC games team back in action, competing successfully on Sunday at the NMZ State Qualifiers. Coming an impressive 3rd place, “the Bats” just missed out on a spot at the State games, but eagerly await a call to duty, in the event that the Emergency team gets a run. 

Important information for C Certificate candidates

We will be commencing C Certificate classes at our May rally. An information session for all C Certificate candidates will be held in the first session on Sunday (unmounted).

We are very pleased to have Kylie Parker back on board as our C Certificate Coordinator and she will work closely with our Chief Instructor to ensure that the C Certificate program is an educational and interesting experience.

Please pay close attention to the rally plan as some temporary changes have been made to groups to accommodate the large number of riders preparing for their C Certificate. These groups may change again, once our Instructors have had an opportunity to assess the groups and determine rider ability.

Those riders that worked with Lisa Bray at the April rally on finalizing their D Certificate need to see Lisa Bray at the information session for further information regarding the 2nd rally session.

A reminder that completion of the C Certificate is required before you can participate in any competition at state level if you are at least 14 years old and have been at pony club for more than 2 years.

If you have not yet completed your C Certificate and have not been placed in a C Cert group, please contact me ASAP. 

Cross Country course closed

A reminder that the x country course is now closed until Monday 19th May. The course has been closed to ensure that the grounds are in good condition for the upcoming YARC TTT horse trials. X country sessions for the May rally will take place on the track. 

Yeringberg Teams Event

Thank you to the riders who have expressed interest in competing in this event. We have approximately 10 riders keen to take part in this event, so we look forward to a great day. Riders will be contacted via email this week with further information regarding the event, rider teams and NM Zone duties.

Grading and Grading Cards

A reminder that riders wishing to be graded for the first time or regraded must complete a “grading request form” at the start of the rally. For a horse and rider combination to be graded, riders must have attended 2 rallies on that horse. Riders can then be assessed by relevant instructors throughout the rally.

Ring to Ride Groups

A reminder to all riders in the Black, White and Grey groups that you are required to advise your preferences to me by 5.00pm on Friday.

Please make the effort to send a text or email, even if you are not attending, as it makes planning a whole lot easier.

Happy riding!