February Rally Plan

Hi Members,

Please find rally details below and note that some sessions commence at 8.00am! Please be ready to ride 15 minutes before your first session.

You will also note that some of the groups have changed, which is typical at the start of the year.  Grading and grouping is not an exact science and often riders’ abilities can vary across the disciplines.  Please remember that groups are based on the ability of the horse and rider combination.  For example an experienced rider may be on an inexperienced horse and need to change groups, sometimes temporarily. With this in mind, we work very hard to ensure that our riders are placed in groups that allow the group to operate at a similar level where everyone can learn, be challenged and enjoy the rally.

Groups are reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year, but if you have any queries or wish to chat about the group you are in, please do not hesitate to contact me.

See you on Sunday