July Rally Groups

Hi Riders,
Welcome once again to our second rally, hosted amidst Covid-19 restrictions.  Our rally is split between a morning and afternoon session, so please check which session you are scheduled to attend.
In order to adhere to Covid-19 restrictions, please note the following changes to our rally:
  • The morning session will commence at 9am and finish at 12.00pm. Please leave the grounds as soon as you can to avoid crossover with the afternoon session.
  • The afternoon session will  commence at 12.45pm and finish at 3.45pm. Afternoon riders – please do not arrive at the grounds before 12.15pm.
  • Please take note of whether you have been assigned to the morning rally or the afternoon rally.
  • To ensure optimum riding opportunities, some groups have been split into smaller groups. Please pay close attention to the group you have been assigned to.
  • Changes to groups cannot be made on the day.  If you have a special request or need to change groups, please contact me PRIOR to the rally.
  • Communal gatherings are not encouraged. Riders WILL NOT be able to meet in the junior yard prior to the rally starting.
  • If you need to warm your horse up before the rally commences, please do so at your ring.
  • Gear check will take place in your ring at the start of your first session.
  • Whilst we are offering 3 sessions to each rider, please consider the fitness of your horse, before committing to these sessions.
  • The first session will run for 1 hour (to allow for gear check), followed by 2 x 45 minute sessions.
  • 15 minute breaks are offered in between sessions.
  • The clubrooms will only be open for the purposes of dropping off cards and collecting.
  • 1 parent/helper per rider only.
  • Limited take away canteen facilities will be provided.
  • We will be adhering to the “COVID ” safe return to equestrian activities.
  • http://ponyvic.omnisportsmanagement.com/IP/CurrentNews/TabId/10876/ArtMID/21120/ArticleID/3135/Return-to-Play-plan.aspx



Line through name = Not attending

Rally Groups…


Morning 9:00-12:00

  • Rosie Brocksopp
  • Ciara Hanlon
  • Sheridan King
  • Sam Reeder
  • Juliet Reeder
  • Destinee Stubbs
  • Mia Spencer
  • Rose Stephen


Morning 9:00-12:00


  • Miranda Darby
  • Alice Davies
  • Amelia Ryan
  • Alysha James
  • Ebony Baird
  • Jacob Saddington (G)
  • Stella Eales (G)
  • Ellie Munnery


Morning 9:00-12:00

  • Sophia Weine
  • Steph Mackenzie
  • Lucy Yob
  • Aishah Robertson
  • Sophie Kafka (G)
  • Katelin Jurnejcic (G)
  • Jess Harrison
  • Charlotte Armstrong
  • Mia Pitts



Afternoon 12:45-3:45

  • Ashley Davies
  • Kate Humphrey
  • Shelby Eagle
  • Abbey Macleod
  • Temma Rowe
  • Cassie Zaccagnini
  • Ash Mackenzie (UM)
  • Gabby Page (UM)
  • Georgia Bissicks


Morning 9:00-12:00

  • Lily Stubbs
  • Charlotte Pierce
  • Alice Darby
  • Sarah Young
  • Kristin Mackeller
  • Abigail Ryan
  • Mia Saddington(G)
  • Kelsey Dodds

Orange G4

Afternoon 12:45-3:45

  • Kasey Humphrey
  • Ieshah Griggs
  • Lily King
  • Kelly Meagher
  • Shay-Liarne Donoghue
  • Madelaine Marsden
  • Deborah Jurnejcic (G)
  • Ireland Parsons
  • Jack Bissicks


Afternoon 12:45-3:45

  • Lana Tozer
  • Yianni Fouskarinis
  • Eleanor Shepard
  • Amelia Carmody
  • Jessie Buckley
  • Kelly Meagher
  • Ryan Bissicks


Afternoon 12:45-3:45

  • Eliza Moore
  • Oscar Lorman
  • Benn Davies
  • Harper Whiteley