Yarrambat Games 2016

The Yarrambat Horse and Pony Club are proud to present The Yarrambat Games!

This features the Yarrambat Cup (PCAV Under 16 – Teams of 4 to 5) and the Top Gun Challenge (Open to all – Teams of 4 to 5). With fun Screenshot_2015-06-26-14-17-14-1games for young kids and competitions for those older, it will be a great day for everyone!

Each rider must pay $45 and entries are due the 4th of April, please find the entry form below. If you have any questions, please contact the Yarrambat Horse and Pony Club at kardenholdings@bigpond.com
or call Dennis Kerr on 0419 585 123

Yarrambat Games 2016 entry form