Office Bearers

Committee meetings are held monthly on the Tuesday night after our rallies. All our members are encouraged to put themselves forward to be nominated as office bearers at our Annual General Meeting.

Our current office bearers and their contact details can be found below. If you would like to consider joining the committee, please talk to one of our current members about what’s involved and how you can get on board.


Andrew Shepard

M:0407 411 147
E: Email Andrew


District Commissioner

Sinéad Hanlon

M:0425 759 565
E:Email Sinead

Vice President

Genevieve Brocksopp

M:0413 442 287
E: Email Gen




Katie Calvert

M: 0427 008 600
E: Email Katie


Fiona Heseltine

M:0412 958 864
E: Email Fiona

Website, Social Media & Events Coordinator

Ciara Hanlon

M:0425 609 606
E: Email Ciara



Duty Roster Coordinator

Liz Davies

M: 0438 340 810
E: Email Liz

Grounds & Maintenance

Andrew Shepard

M:0407 411 147
E: Email Andrew

Membership Coordinator/Garding card secretary

Gen Brocksopp
M: 0413 442 287
E: Email Gen



Canteen Coordinator

Vacant – please contact the Secretary if you are interested.


Social Coordinator

Ashley Davies

M: 0448 927 839
E: Email Ashley

General Committee Member

Cheryle Baird

M:0431 414 464
E: Email Cheryle


Lisa Marchesi

M:0418 324 924
E: Email Lisa